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Prelag Distributed Architecture

Invest in the Future of Mobile Application Architecture

What allows Windows RT, Android, iOS, and legacy platforms to run the same application, share data in real time, and operate together in a distributed environment seamlessly? The Prelag Distributed Architecture (patent pending*).

The Prelag Distributed Architecture is a game-changer in the mobile application development space. It completely alters the perception of how mobile applications can be developed, deployed, and integrated into business and our daily lives. Allowing native applications, on a diverse assortment of platforms, on a global network, to share the same data structures, state information, and communicate together in real-time is the core of the Prelag Distributed Architecture.

Prelag Partners, LLC is building the software and infrastructure necessary for the Next Generation of cloud service, mega-distributed software applications.

Aside from restaurant and retail point of sale software offerings, Prelag Partners is involved in the research and development of applications for industries such as Hospitality, Health Care Automated Diagnosis, Computer Learning, and National Security Contracting.

Prelag Partners, LLC is a privately funded software, intellectual property, and research firm. Investment opportunities are available to individuals and organizations whom posses unique qualities, experience, industry leadership and whom share the vision of the future of our mobile society.

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