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Bonzi Beverage Management Systems and Next Gen Dine

Bonzi Beverage Management Systems has been involved in the development and testing of wireless portion control systems for over 10 years. They are in a very good position to know what will work in your unique environment. They have the only system that offers monitoring of your Tap Beer, Liquor and Wine pours wirelessly all in one. Because they use a mechanical pourer that is the most accurate in the world you get a perfect portion while saving battery life so your pours will last for years and would still work even if you lost power. The Bonzi beer meters are reliable and have been used for years as well.

Increase Your Profits

With a Bonzi Beverage Managment System you will eliminate over pours and spillage while reducing theft and inaccurate pours with real time monitoring of your liquor, beer and wine pours.

Pour Spouts

The BONZI pour spout is a portion controlled spout that will deliver a smooth accurate shot every time. Our electronics do not interfere with this pouring process but transmits each pour wirelessly for comparison with registered sales. Our patented process can detect any rogue pours and determine if there is a need for staff training.


The Bonzi software will read all dispensed data from the metering devices and store it in a Bonzi database. The software will also read the live registered sales directly from the point of sale system. Both these sets of data are compared and any discrepancies and shortages are reported as they occur. There is a facility to enter sales manually where older POS systems do not export live sales. In this case daily variance reports are available. Reports can be accessed from the back office PC or remotely from your smartphone or iPad.

Beer Flow Meter

The Bonzi beer monitor has been designed to the same standards of excellence as our pour spout achieving the same accuracy and reliability. Again the functional part of this device is tried and tested with in excess of 200,000 already working in the field. The meter can be installed in the walk in cooler or below the tap in the bar if convenient. The latter may be more cost effective if the cooler is a significant distance from the gateway which may necessitate a repeater.